Index of Functions, Parameters, and Syntax


->binary-input-port, Java Ports
->binary-output-port, Java Ports
->boolean, Types and Conversions
->character, Types and Conversions
->character-input-port, Java Ports
->character-output-port, Java Ports
->jarray, Arrays
->jboolean, Types and Conversions
->jbyte, Types and Conversions
->jchar, Types and Conversions
->jdouble, Types and Conversions
->jfloat, Types and Conversions
->jinput-stream, Java Ports
->jint, Types and Conversions
->jlong, Types and Conversions
->joutput-stream, Java Ports
->jreader, Java Ports
->jshort, Types and Conversions
->jstring, Types and Conversions
->jwriter, Java Ports
->list, Arrays
->number, Types and Conversions
->string, Types and Conversions
->symbol, Types and Conversions
->vector, Arrays
<boolean>, Standard Types
<char>, Standard Types
<class>, Classes
<eof>, Standard Types
<input-port>, Standard Types
<jboolean>, Types and Conversions
<jbyte>, Types and Conversions
<jchar>, Types and Conversions
<jdouble>, Types and Conversions
<jfloat>, Types and Conversions
<jint>, Types and Conversions
<jlong>, Types and Conversions
<jshort>, Types and Conversions
<jvoid>, Types and Conversions
<list>, Standard Types
<method>, Procedures on Methods
<number>, Standard Types
<object>, Classes
<output-port>, Standard Types
<procedure>, Standard Types
<slot>, Slots
<string>, Standard Types
<symbol>, Standard Types
<value>, Standard Types
<vector>, Standard Types


binary-input-port?, Binary Ports and Block IO
binary-output-port?, Binary Ports and Block IO
box, Boxes
box?, Boxes
buffer, Binary Buffers
buffer-copy!, Binary Buffers
buffer-length, Binary Buffers
buffer-ref, Binary Buffers
buffer-set!, Binary Buffers
buffer?, Binary Buffers


call-with-binary-input-file, Binary Ports and Block IO
call-with-binary-output-file, Binary Ports and Block IO
call-with-failure-continuation, Capture
call-with-input-buffer, Buffer I/O
call-with-input-file, Port Creation Wrappers
call-with-input-string, String Ports
call-with-output-buffer, Buffer I/O
call-with-output-file, Port Creation Wrappers
call-with-output-string, String Ports
call-with-serial-input-file, Serial Port Wrappers
call-with-serial-input-port, Serial Port Wrappers
call-with-serial-output-file, Serial Port Wrappers
call-with-serial-output-port, Serial Port Wrappers
call/fc, Capture
case-sensitive, Dynamic Parameters
character-set, Dynamic Parameters
circular?, Miscellaneous Functions
class-direct-slots, Classes
class-direct-superclasses, Classes
class-name, Classes
class-path-extension, Class Loading
class-path-extension-append!, Class Loading
class-precedence-list, Inheritance
class?, Classes
clear-breakpoint!, Breakpoints
close-socket, Socket Operations
compact-string-rep, Strings
compare-methods, Invoking Generic Procedures
compare-types, Core Procedures and Predicates
compare-typess-hook, Hooks
compile-file, Creating Libraries
compose, Miscellaneous Functions
condvar/new, Condition Variable Operations
condvar/notify, Condition Variable Operations
condvar/notify-all, Condition Variable Operations
condvar?, Condition Variable Operations
construct, Indexed Native Libraries
continue, Breakpoints
current-breakpoint-args, Breakpoints
current-breakpoint-continuation, Breakpoints
current-url, URLs
custom-port-procedures, User Defined Ports


define, Indexed Native Libraries
define-class, Classes
define-generic, Defining Generic Procedures
define-generic-java-field-accessor, Fields
define-generic-java-field-accessors, Fields
define-generic-java-field-modifier, Fields
define-generic-java-field-modifiers, Fields
define-generic-java-method, Methods
define-generic-java-methods, Methods
define-generics, Defining Generic Procedures
define-java-class, Classes
define-java-classes, Classes
define-java-proxy, Proxies
define-macro, Syntactic Extension
define-method, Defining Methods
define-methods, Defining Methods
define-nongenerative-class, Classes
define-nongenerative-record-type, Records
define-nongenerative-struct, Records
define-simple-syntax, Definitions
define-struct, Records
define-values, Definitions
defmacro, Syntactic Extension
deserialize, Serialization Procedures, Serialization
directory-list, File Manipulation
display, External Representation of Values
doApply, Native Procedures


emit-annotations, Dynamic Parameters
emit-debugging-symbols, Dynamic Parameters
enter, External Calls
eq, Equality
error, Raising Errors
error-location, Accessors
error-message, Accessors
error-parent-continuation, Accessors
error-parent-error, Accessors
eval, The Interpreter API
exception-continuation, Exceptions
exception-error, Exceptions
exception?, Exceptions
execute, External Calls
exit, The Read-Eval-Print-Loop , External Calls


file-delete!, File Manipulation
file-hidden?, File Manipulation
file-is-directory?, File Manipulation
file-is-file?, File Manipulation
file-is-readable?, File Manipulation
file-is-writeable?, File Manipulation
file-last-modified, File Manipulation
file-length, File Manipulation
file-rename!, File Manipulation
file-set-last-modified!, File Manipulation
file-set-read-only!, File Manipulation
find-resource, Locating Resources
find-resources, Locating Resources
findHeap, The SISC Heap
flush-output-port, Buffered I/O


generic-java-field-accessor, Fields
generic-java-field-modifier, Fields
generic-java-method, Methods
generic-procedure-methods, Defining Methods
get-client-auth, TLS and SSL
get-enabled-cipher-suites, TLS and SSL
get-enabled-protocols, TLS and SSL
get-host-ip-by-name, IP Addressing
get-host-name-by-ip, IP Addressing
get-last-exception, Passive Debugging
get-local-host, IP Addressing
get-output-buffer, Buffer I/O
get-output-string, String Ports
get-parent-url, File Manipulation
get-process-stderr, Operating System Interface
get-process-stdin, Operating System Interface
get-process-stdout, Operating System Interface
getBindingValue, Adding Native Bindings
getInputStream, Scheme I/O
getLibraryBindingNames, Adding Native Bindings
getLibraryName, Adding Native Bindings
getLibraryVersion, Adding Native Bindings
getOutputStream, Scheme I/O
getprop, Access Functions
getReader, Scheme I/O
getWriter, Scheme I/O


hash-by-eq, Hash Functions
hash-by-equal, Hash Functions
hash-by-eqv, Hash Functions
hash-by-string-ci=, Hash Functions
hash-by-string=, Hash Functions
hash-table-ref!, SRFI 69 (Basic hash tables)
hash-table-ref!/default, SRFI 69 (Basic hash tables)
hash-table-thread-safe?, SRFI 69 (Basic hash tables)
hash-table-weak?, SRFI 69 (Basic hash tables)
hashtable->alist, Creation and Introspection
hashtable/clear!, Bulk Operations
hashtable/contains?, Access and Modification
hashtable/equivalence-function, Creation and Introspection
hashtable/for-each, Bulk Operations
hashtable/get, Access and Modification
hashtable/get!, Access and Modification
hashtable/hash-function, Creation and Introspection
hashtable/keys, Bulk Operations
hashtable/map, Bulk Operations
hashtable/put!, Access and Modification
hashtable/remove!, Access and Modification
hashtable/size, Creation and Introspection
hashtable/thread-safe?, Creation and Introspection
hashtable/weak?, Creation and Introspection
hashtable?, Creation and Introspection


initialize, Instantiation
input-port-location, Location Tracking
input-port?, Port Predicates
instance-of?, Derived Procedures and Predicates
instances-of?, Derived Procedures and Predicates
iota, Miscellaneous Functions
is-client-mode?, TLS and SSL


java-array-class, Arrays
java-array-length, Arrays
java-array-new, Arrays
java-array-ref, Arrays
java-array-set!, Arrays
java-array?, Arrays
java-class, Classes
java-class-declared-classes, Classes
java-class-declared-constructors, Classes
java-class-declared-fields, Classes
java-class-declared-methods, Classes
java-class-declared-superclasses, Classes
java-class-declaring-class, Classes
java-class-flags, Classes
java-class-name, Classes
java-class-precedence-list, Classes
java-class?, Classes
java-constructor-declaring-class, Constructors
java-constructor-flags, Constructors
java-constructor-method, Constructors
java-constructor-name, Constructors
java-constructor-parameter-types, Constructors
java-constructor-procedure, Constructors
java-constructor?, Constructors
java-field-accessor-method, Fields
java-field-accessor-procedure, Fields
java-field-declaring-class, Fields
java-field-flags, Fields
java-field-modifier-method, Fields
java-field-modifier-procedure, Fields
java-field-name, Fields
java-field-type, Fields
java-field?, Fields
java-interface?, Classes
java-method-declaring-class, Methods
java-method-flags, Methods
java-method-method, Methods
java-method-name, Methods
java-method-parameter-types, Methods
java-method-procedure, Methods
java-method?, Methods
java-new, Instances
java-null, Instances
java-null?, Instances
java-object?, Instances
java-proxy-class, Proxies
java-proxy-dispatcher, Proxies
java-synchronized, Multi-threading
java-unwrap, Types and Conversions
java-wrap, Types and Conversions
jnull, Instances
join-multicast-group, Multicast UDP


make, Instantiation
make-buffer, Binary Buffers
make-child-environment, Chained Symbolic Environments
make-class, Classes
make-custom-binary-input-port, User Defined Ports
make-custom-binary-output-port, User Defined Ports
make-custom-character-input-port, User Defined Ports
make-custom-character-output-port, User Defined Ports
make-directories!, File Manipulation
make-directory!, File Manipulation
make-error, Creating Error Records
make-exception, Exceptions
make-generic-procedure, Defining Generic Procedures
make-hashtable, Creation and Introspection
make-method, Defining Methods
make-nested-error, Creating Error Records
make-type, Standard Types
max-float-precision, Static Parameters
max-stack-trace-depth, Dynamic Parameters
method, Defining Methods
method-applicable?, Invoking Generic Procedures
method-arity, Procedures on Methods
method-procedure, Procedures on Methods
method-rest?, Procedures on Methods
method-types, Procedures on Methods
method=, Procedures on Methods
method?, Procedures on Methods
min-float-precision, Static Parameters
mutex-of, Mutex Operations
mutex/lock!, Mutex Operations
mutex/new, Mutex Operations
mutex/synchronize, High-level Concurrency
mutex/synchronize-unsafe, High-level Concurrency
mutex/unlock!, Mutex Operations , Condition Variable Operations
mutex?, Mutex Operations


normalize-url, URLs


open-binary-input-file, Binary Ports and Block IO
open-binary-output-file, Binary Ports and Block IO
open-binary-socket-input-port, Socket Operations
open-binary-socket-output-port, Socket Operations
open-buffered-binary-input-port, Buffered I/O
open-buffered-binary-output-port, Buffered I/O
open-buffered-character-input-port, Buffered I/O
open-buffered-character-output-port, Buffered I/O
open-character-input-port, Port Creation
open-character-output-port, Port Creation
open-input-buffer, Buffer I/O
open-input-file, Port Creation
open-input-string, String Ports
open-multicast-socket, Multicast UDP
open-output-file, Port Creation
open-serial-input-port, Port Creation and Identification
open-serial-output-port, Port Creation and Identification
open-socket-input-port, Socket Operations
open-socket-output-port, Socket Operations
open-source-input-file, Location Tracking
open-ssl-listener, TLS and SSL
open-ssl-socket, TLS and SSL
open-tcp-listener, TCP
open-tcp-socket, TCP
open-udp-listen-socket, UDP
open-udp-socket, UDP
openHeap, The SISC Heap
output-port?, Port Predicates


parallel, High-level Functions
parent-environment, Chained Symbolic Environments
peek-byte, Binary Ports and Block IO
permissive-parsing, Dynamic Parameters
permit-interrupts, Static Parameters
port-local, User Defined Ports
pretty-print, Pretty-Printing
print-exception, Passive Debugging
print-shared, Dynamic Parameters
print-stack-trace, Passive Debugging
procedure-property, Procedure Properties
procedure-property!, Procedure Properties
process-terminated?, Operating System Interface
process?, Operating System Interface
proper-list?, Pairs and Lists
putprop, Access Functions


read-block, Binary Ports and Block IO
read-byte, Binary Ports and Block IO
read-string, Bulk Character I/O
readBigDecimal, Deserializer methods
readBigInteger, Deserializer methods
readClass, Deserializer methods
readExpression, Deserializer methods
readExpressionArray, Deserializer methods
readInitializedExpression, Deserializer methods
readSymbolicEnvironment, Deserializer methods
readValueArray, Deserializer methods
repl-prompt, Dynamic Parameters
require-extension, require-extension
require-library, Loadable Scheme Libraries


serial-input-port?, Port Creation and Identification
serial-output-port?, Port Creation and Identification
serialize, Serialization Procedures, Serialization
server-socket?, TCP
session-creation-permitted, TLS and SSL
set-box!, Boxes
set-breakpoint!, Breakpoints
set-client-auth!, TLS and SSL
set-client-mode!, TLS and SSL
set-current-breakpoint-args!, Breakpoints
set-enabled-cipher-suites!, TLS and SSL
set-enabled-protocols!, TLS and SSL
set-multicast-ttl!, Multicast UDP
set-port-local!, User Defined Ports
set-procedure-property!, Procedure Properties
set-session-creation-permitted!, TLS and SSL
set-so-timeout!, TCP
sisc-initial-environment, Obtaining and Naming
sleep, Thread Scheduling
slot-accessor, Slots
slot-accessor-method, Slots
slot-class, Slots
slot-modifier, Slots
slot-modifier-method, Slots
slot-name, Slots
slot?, Slots
socket?, Socket Operations
source-annotations, Passive Debugging
spawn-process, Operating System Interface
spawn-process-with-environment, Operating System Interface
spawn-process/env, Operating System Interface
stack-trace, Passive Debugging
stack-trace-on-error, Dynamic Parameters
strict-r5rs-compliance, Dynamic Parameters
string->uninterned-symbol, Symbols
string-input-port?, String Ports
string-output-port?, String Ports
suppressed-stack-trace-source-kinds, Passive Debugging
synopsis, External Representation of Values
synopsis-length, Dynamic Parameters


valueEqual, Equality
vector-length-prefixing, Dynamic Parameters
visit, Serialization


wait-for-process, Operating System Interface
when, Control Features
with-binary-input-from-file, Binary Ports and Block IO
with-binary-output-to-file, Binary Ports and Block IO
with-character-set, Character Ports
with-current-url, URLs
with-failure-continuation, Creation
with-input-from-buffer, Buffer I/O
with-input-from-file, Replacing Standard Ports
with-input-from-port, Replacing Standard Ports
with-input-from-string, String Ports
with-output-to-buffer, Buffer I/O
with-output-to-file, Replacing Standard Ports
with-output-to-port, Replacing Standard Ports
with-output-to-string, String Ports
with-serial-input-from-file, Serial Port Wrappers
with-serial-input-from-port, Serial Port Wrappers
with-serial-output-to-file, Serial Port Wrappers
with-serial-output-to-port, Serial Port Wrappers
with/fc, Creation
write, External Representation of Values
write-block, Binary Ports and Block IO
write-byte, Binary Ports and Block IO
write-string, Bulk Character I/O
writeBigDecimal, Serializer methods
writeBigInteger, Serializer methods
writeClass, Serializer methods
writeExpression, Serializer methods
writeExpressionArray, Serializer methods
writeInitializedExpression, Serializer methods
writeSymbolicEnvironment, Serializer methods
writeValueArray, Serializer methods