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Packages that use OptimisticHost

Uses of OptimisticHost in sisc.exprs

Classes in sisc.exprs that implement OptimisticHost
 class AnnotatedExpr
 class AppExp
 class EvalExp
 class FillRibExp
 class IfEval
 class LetrecEval
 class LetrecExp

Uses of OptimisticHost in sisc.exprs.fp

Classes in sisc.exprs.fp that implement OptimisticHost
 class FixedAppExp_1
 class FixedAppExp_2
 class FixedAppExp_3

Fields in sisc.exprs.fp declared as OptimisticHost

Methods in sisc.exprs.fp with parameters of type OptimisticHost
static void Utils.linkOptimistic(OptimisticHost host, Expression exp, int uexpPos)
 void OptimisticExpression.setHost(OptimisticHost host, int uexpPosition)
          Called to set up backward references to the hosts
 void FixedAppExp_0.setHost(OptimisticHost host, int uexpPos)