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Methods in with parameters of type SchemeException
static void Procedure.throwNestedPrimException(SchemeException e)
static void Procedure.throwNestedPrimException(java.lang.String message, SchemeException e)

Uses of SchemeException in sisc.interpreter

Methods in sisc.interpreter that return SchemeException
 SchemeException SchemeRuntimeException.promote()

Methods in sisc.interpreter that throw SchemeException
 Value Interpreter.eval(Procedure p, Value[] args)
          Applies the given procedure to the given values
 Value Interpreter.eval(java.lang.String expr)
          Parses and evaluates s-expression(s)
 Value Interpreter.eval(Value v)
          Evaluates a Scheme value as code.
 Value Interpreter.eval(Value v, SymbolicEnvironment env)
          Evaluates a Scheme value as code.
 Value Interpreter.evalInput( port)
          Parses and evaluates s-expression(s) from an input port
static java.lang.Object Context.execute(AppContext ctx, SchemeCaller caller)
          Calls caller with an Interpreter bound to the given AppContext with same DynamicEnvironment as the nearest enclosing Interpreter in the same thread that is bound to the same AppContext.
static java.lang.Object Context.execute(DynamicEnvironment dynenv, SchemeCaller caller)
          Obtains an Interpreter bound to the given DynamicEnvironment and invokes caller.execute(Interpreter) with that Interper.
 java.lang.Object SchemeCaller.execute(Interpreter r)
          The execute callback function is called by Context with a fresh Interpreter context which is valid only during the call to execute.
static java.lang.Object Context.execute(SchemeCaller caller)
          Calls caller with an Interpreter that shares the AppContext and DynamicEnvironment with the current Interpreter.
protected  void Interpreter.interpret()
 Value Interpreter.interpret(Expression e)

Uses of SchemeException in sisc.modules.s2j

Fields in sisc.modules.s2j declared as SchemeException
 SchemeException Util.SchemeInvocationException.schemeException

Methods in sisc.modules.s2j with parameters of type SchemeException
static java.lang.Throwable Util.javaException(SchemeException e)

Constructors in sisc.modules.s2j with parameters of type SchemeException
Util.SchemeInvocationException(SchemeException se)

Uses of SchemeException in sisc.nativefun

Fields in sisc.nativefun declared as SchemeException
protected  SchemeException NestedPrimRuntimeException.e

Methods in sisc.nativefun that return SchemeException
 SchemeException NestedPrimRuntimeException.getRootCause()

Constructors in sisc.nativefun with parameters of type SchemeException
NestedPrimRuntimeException(SchemeException e)
NestedPrimRuntimeException(java.lang.String message, SchemeException e)

Uses of SchemeException in sisc.util

Methods in sisc.util that throw SchemeException
 java.lang.Object SignalHook.SignalHandler.execute(Interpreter r)