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Packages that use Charset

Uses of Charset in sisc.env

Fields in sisc.env declared as Charset
 Charset DynamicEnvironment.characterSet

Methods in sisc.env that return Charset
 Charset DynamicEnvironment.getCharacterSet()

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Methods in that return Charset
static Charset Charset.forName(java.lang.String name)

Uses of Charset in

Methods in with parameters of type Charset
 SchemeCharacterOutputPort Networking.SchemeTCPSocket.getCharacterOutputPort(Interpreter r, Charset encoding, boolean autoflush)
 SchemeCharacterOutputPort Networking.SchemeUDPSocket.getCharacterOutputPort(Interpreter r, Charset encoding, boolean autoflush)
 SchemeCharacterInputPort Networking.SchemeTCPSocket.getInputPort(Interpreter r, Charset encoding)
 SchemeCharacterInputPort Networking.SchemeUDPSocket.getInputPort(Interpreter r, Charset encoding)
static SchemeCharacterInputPort IO.openCharInFile(Interpreter f, u, Charset encoding)
static SchemeCharacterOutputPort IO.openCharOutFile(Interpreter f, url, Charset encoding, boolean aflush)

Uses of Charset in sisc.util

Methods in sisc.util that return Charset
static Charset Util.charsetFromString(java.lang.String charsetName)
          Converts a character set name to a Charset.
static Charset Util.getDefaultCharacterSet()
          Return the default character set, which is UTF-8, but could in principle change.