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Packages that use Library

Uses of Library in sisc.ser

Fields in sisc.ser declared as Library
protected  Library LibraryAE.base

Methods in sisc.ser that return Library
 Library LibraryBuilder.buildLibrary(java.lang.String name, out)
 Library LibraryDeserializer.getLibrary()
 Library BlockDeserializer.getLibrary()
static Library Library.load(AppContext ctx, SeekableDataInputStream di)
static Library Library.load(AppContext ctx, u)

Methods in sisc.ser with parameters of type Library
 void LibraryAE.addBinding(Library lib, Symbol sym, int ep)
 void LibraryManager.addLibrary(Library l)
 void LibraryAE.addSymbolicBindings(Library lib, Pair s)
 void LibraryDeserializer.setLibrary(Library lib)
 void BlockDeserializer.setLibrary(Library lib)

Constructors in sisc.ser with parameters of type Library
LibraryAE(Library base)
          Operate in "retrieve" mode.